Since 1984, Jennifer Roberson has published 24 solo novels, with her primary genre, fantasy, divided among three different universes.  April 2006 saw the debut of KARAVANS, the first novel in a new series, followed by the release of DEEPWOOD in July 2007.  Two additional volumes are under contract.  Roberson has also published the 6-volume Sword-Dancer saga, and eight novels in the Chonicles of the Cheysuli; three new Cheysuli novels are planned.  In 1996 she collaborated with fantasy authors Melanie Rawn and Kate Elliott on The Golden Key, a massive undertaking that was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award in 1997.  Roberson has also edited several fantasy anthologies.  Her novels and anthologies have been translated and published in Germany, France, Japan, China, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Italy,  Israel, and the UK.

Following the maxim "write what you love," Jennifer Roberson has published three mainstream historical novels, including Lady of the Forest and its sequel, Lady of Sherwood, reinterpreting the Robin Hood legend with emphasis on Marian's role. The third is a Scottish historical, titled Lady of the Glen, based on the documented story of the Massacre of Glencoe, which occured in the Highlands in the 17th century when the Campbells attempted to wipe out the MacDonalds. Earlier credits include a western, a historical romance, a romantic suspense, and a novel set in television's Highlander universe of the 1990s. Though primarily a novelist, Roberson has also published approximately 30 short stories in various anthologies and magazines.


Jennifer Roberson, born in Kansas City, Missouri, has lived in Arizona since 1957. She grew up in Phoenix, but in 1999 relocated to Flagstaff where she lives on rural acreage at the foot of the spectacular San Francisco Peaks. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Northern Arizona University, with an extended major in British history. Her final semester was spent in England at the University of London, which enabled her to do indepth research at castles and cathedrals, museums and estates, and to visit historical sites in Scotland and Wales. It was here that Roberson received a telegram from her agent with the news that her first novel had been sold, in 1982.

Roberson's primary hobby is the breeding and exhibition of Cardigan Welsh Corgis (the Corgi with the tail!) in the conformation ring, where she has enjoyed solid success on a national level, and for the past three years has been experimenting with mosaic artwork, including a specialized line of pawprint mosaics.  Her household, on 2.5 acres in Northern Arizona, is currently host to 10 Cardigans, a young Labrador, and two cats, but the menagerie is subject to change at any given moment.