I'm supposed to be writing DRAGON MOON, the fourth and last novel in the Karavans world. However, occasionally a writer wrestles with the urge to write a different book. The reasons for this are many and pretty much inexplicable; all you know is that you really want--and need--to write X instead of Y.

So I contacted my editor, and she very much approves of my decision to write the first of two new Sword-Dancer books, which have been under contract for years.

I am not abandoning the last Karavans novel. I am setting it aside for a time while I write the Sword-Dancer book. Immediately after I complete the S-D novel, I will return to the Karavans novel. So this is a change in writing and publishing order, not a change in the intent of the books themselves.

I delivered THE WILD ROAD, Karavans #3, in June, and no publication date has yet been set. Therefore there is time for me to write the S-D book, and before K3 is published K4 will be mostly done.

If you have been waiting patiently for the last two Karavans novels, I do apologize. But Tiger and Del are calling to me. Loudly. It's time to answer them.

Lastly, I hope to write 2-3 more historical novels such as the ‟Lady” books (Boy, do I hate those titles!), but I'm not sure when I'll be able to fit them in. I'll make room for them somehow! Too many books to write, too little time.