Lady of the Glen


Lady of the Glen

Kensington 1996
ISBN 1-57566-022-9
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ISBN 1-57566-129-2

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Historical adventure and passionate romance unfold against the heather-strewn hills of a divided Scotland. A land of majestic castles and bitterly warring clans becomes the towering backdrop for the story of a man and a woman whose love cannot be denied-- not by a centuries-old feud nor by a betrayal so shocking it is remembered still, whenever bagpipes play their mournful songs of the Campbells and the MacDonalds...

LADY OF THE GLEN tells of a time and a place like no other-- when political treachery and royal intrigue ruled the day... a time when countrymen battled for their freedom and usurpers sought crowns. At the novel's center is a love story of breathtaking scope: a man and a woman-- enemies from birth-- know from the moment they meet that they will lie in each other's arms someday. But their love, for centuries forbidden, comes at the most dangerous of times.

LADY OF THE GLEN tells of Catriona Campbell's enduring love for Alasdair Og MacDonald, the second-born son of her clan's most powerful enemy, the Laird of Glencoe. It is MacDonald who alone shows the young Catriona kindness in a harsh and violent world. As the years pass, the heart proves stronger than the sword, and they boldly pledge their handfest forever. While the Dutch King William conspires against the Scottish rebels who seek to return the exiled James Stewart to the throne, Catriona and Alasdair share a pssion that joins them forever-- although the lovers become pawns of war...and of history.

"Bold and vivid as a MacDonald tartan, this is a marvelous telling of a tale that will wrap you in all the beauty and cruelty of Scottish history, a plaid whose threads are woven from honor, love and blood."
-- Diana Gabaldon