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Puppies Grown

(2003) Star of a national newspaper ad for a pet store chain is Gizzi! Gizzi is litter-sister to Ribbon and Bonus, and lives with a member of the Phoenix Fire Department. Gizzi is in training for Search and Rescue, and is the canine ambassador for the Youth Firesetters and Fire Safety programs. Her job is to demonstrate the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" exercise as well as leading children to safe doors in the midst of a fire, and also demonstrates how to safely exit a (low) window.

I am every bit as proud of Gizzi's accomplishments as I am of my champions or performance winners. It takes a special dog--and a special owner!--to educate at-risk children and to rescue fire victims.

Gizzi the Star

(2006) Oliver relaxes at home.

Oliver 2006

(2004) Cheysuli's Christmas Holly lives in Phoenix in a wonderful companion home. She is from the Cloudy+Vanessa litter born Christmas Eve 1999. Here Holly is protecting an innocent rock so it won't be stolen away from her yard.


(2003) Cheysuli's Christmas Garland, litter-sister to Holly, in a formal Christmas portrait celebrating the season and her birthday. Renamed Lucy, she moved from Tennessee with her family and now lives in Switzerland.


(2002) Ch. Cheysuli's Patented Bonus, CD, HSs. Bonus is the sole boy from the 2001 Cloudy+Brenna litter that gave me Ribbon. Those letters after his name means he has a Companion Dog obedience title, and a herding title, Herding Started (Sheep.) Bonus lives with his family in Mesa, AZ., and continues competing in the conformation ring where he is a multiple Group-placer, and in herding trials.

Bonus, Dwayne

(2003) Littermates Ribbon and Bonus were awarded their championships one day apart!

Ribbon and Bonus

(2003) Cheysuli's Silver Belle AXP AJP EAC OJC (top photo)
and Cheysuli Jean-Luc Picardigan OJP NAP OJC NAC (bottom)
Belle is littermate to Stuff, Holly, and Lucy, a Cloudy+Vanessa daughter. Jean-Luc is Cloudy's brother, and thus Belle's uncle. As you can see by all those letters, both Belle and Jean-Luc have done themselves proud in the agility ring thanks to their owner-trainer, fantasy author Doranna Durgin. Belle has earned High in Class in various trials, including Border Collies and other top agility breeds, and competes at AKC's highest levels. You can see more of their agility adventures at their mom's Dogplay Photo Page

Belle, agility trial

Jean-Luc, agility trial